Rugby World Cup Activities

The upcoming 2023 Rugby World Cup is a great chance to integrate a high-interest topic into your classroom program. Keep reading to learn more about Rugby World Cup activities you could use in your classroom.

Teacher created resources: Rugby World Cup activities.

Rugby World Cup Activities

The 2023 Rugby World Cup, hosted by France, will be watched by an audience of millions, and no doubt is already a topic of great excitement for many students in your class.  The tournament runs from the 9th of September until the 29th of October. For New Zealand, those dates stretch from  term three until mid-term four, meaning this is a topic that could build and build. There are plenty of ways to bring Rugby World Cup activities into a range of curriculum areas.

RWC 2023 Literacy Ideas

  • Look at the rules of rugby and write explanations on how the game works.
  • Hold a class debate or explore persuasive writing through the lens of the Rugby World Cup e.g.
    • Men and women rugby players should be paid the same amount.
    • The game of rugby was better before it turned professional.
    • Our country cares too much about rugby.
  • Write a biography or report about a favourite rugby hero.
  • Visual Language: Explore the symbols of the Rugby World Cup and their meaning e.g. team logos, country flags, Rugby World Cup logo.
  • Integrate the Rugby World Cup into your reading program. We have a free “The History of Rugby” reading resource that looks at the history of both men’s and women’s rugby. Keep reading to find the link.

RWC 2023 Maths Ideas

  • The game of rugby is full of statistics and numbers! Take a screenshot of any half time statistics board and the opportunities for mathematical questions are endless. Here are a few ideas:
    • Compare the scores of different teams and how many points they have scored versus how many points have been scored against them.
    • Explore percentages by comparing the possession statistics of each team.
    • Find the prices for tickets to travel to Japan and calculate how long it would take to save up if you got $10 pocket money a week.
    • Compare the stadium capacity of the various venues and plot this on a graph.
  • NZ Maths has a great rugby/stats unit where students predict the winner of the Rugby World cup using stats on the top ranked teams. Click here to see more. 

RWC 2023 Creative Thinking Ideas

  • Design a rugby uniform for a new country.
  • Think of a new rule that you could add to rugby and explain why it would make the game better.
  • Using instruments or a program such as Garageband to create a song to celebrate the Rugby World Cup. 

RWC 2023 Social Studies Ideas

  • Compare and contrast two countries that are competing in the Rugby World Cup.
  • Explore the history of the tournament with our free “The History of Rugby” activity pack.
  • Investigate what France has had to do to prepare to host the Rugby World Cup e.g. venue preparation, advertising, infrastructure, safety, communication, and so on.
  • Plot each Rugby World Cup venue on a map of France and learn more about the country’s geography.
  • Learn more about the Rugby World Cup and the host nation of France with our activities below.

Our Rugby World Cup Activities

Rugby World Cup Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Poster

Click here to see more. 

Check out the great work by Room 7 at Churton School!

Teaching Materials - Rugby World Cup - Puzzle pack

Engage your students in the upcoming Rugby World Cup in France with our interactive scavenger hunt and puzzle pack! Your students will learn about the history of the World Cup, its traditions, and this year’s event! Use this resource with small groups, pairs or individual students – the choice is yours. Click here to see more. 

France Country Study

Your students will love learning about France with our France Country Study Scavenger Hunt. Your students will learn about the history, food, culture, economy, politics, sport, geography, and natural features of France… and more! Rhis will look great on your classroom wall. France is the host of two exciting tournaments coming up: the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Summer Olympics. Click here to learn more about this resource. 

France Country Study Year 3-4

Learn about the country of France with these print-and-go worksheets. In this set of reading comprehension and literacy activities pack, pitched at Year 2-4 learners, students will learn about the country of France – great in the lead-up to the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 France Summer Olympics. Click here to learn more about this resource. 

Rugby World Cup 2023 Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Poster – Year 3-4

Engage your students in the upcoming 2023 Rugby World Cup in France with our interactive scavenger hunt and puzzle pack! Your Year 3-4 students will learn about the Rugby World Cup, this year’s event, and the teams that are involved!
Display the fact cards around the room, and hand out the puzzle pieces. Students use the facts to complete their interactive puzzles. We’ve also provided a poster with the puzzle pieces combined – choose which version suits you and your students best.

Did you say freebie? How about Two!

Explore the history of rugby

We’ve put together a free reading and social studies/history resource that explores the history of rugby (both men’s and women’s. This resource features a non-fiction text and six higher-order thinking follow up activities. I think you and your students will love it! Sign up for our FREE resource library and email and you can download this resource for free.

FREE! A collaborative reading activity that is sure to engage your sports-mad students. Using the information sheet and their own independent research (QR codes and additional web links are included), students present their learning about Richie McCaw. Use as an A4 poster or use the large poster pieces that make an A2 poster… and yes, it’s FREE. Click here to download this free resource today.

How about one more freebie? Click here to download this 2023 Rugby World Cup Results tracker instantly!

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