Practical Ways to Use our ‘A Week in NZ’s History” resources

I recently was asked for some practical suggestions for using our new range of “A Week in NZ’s History” resources. I am passionate about providing practical tips for busy teachers, so I hope these suggestions help.

Our “A Week in NZ’s History” resources

Our Week in New Zealand’s History resource explores key moments within Aotearoa New Zealand’s historyThis resource serves as a bite-sized piece of Aotearoa’s history to stir discussion, pique interest, and get you started. Our full-year bundle provides four interesting events for each week of the year – that’s 208 events from New Zealand’s history in total.

Each event is covered in a Google Slides presentation (with clickable links) and in poster form (with QR codes). The event has an easy to read paragraph of information, a discussion question, an inquiry prompt and two multi-modal links for further investigation.

Here is an example from our July set:

Practical suggestions for using our “A Week in NZ’s History” resources

Start the day by exploring NZ’s history

One way to regularly use this resource is to start the day by exploring New Zealand’s history. When the bell goes and students enter your classroom, you could have the Google slide presented on your classroom projector or TV screen. As you take the roll, students can read the paragraph and think about the discussion question. Once the roll has been taken, you could explore one or both of the additional links, then have a discussion with the prompt that is provided. Within the first 15 minutes of your day, you have integrated reading, Aotearoa New Zealand history and oral language skills – and remembered to take the roll!

Display the posters with QR codes around the room

At the beginning of the month, print and display the event cards for that month (16 in total). Students could read and explore these further as early finisher activities, as part of their reading programme, or even take one home for a homework task. This is a great way to keep New Zealand’s history visible in your classroom.

Whole class shared reading at the beginning of a literacy session

At the beginning of your literacy block, you can use an ‘A Week in NZ’s History’ slide as a whole class shared reading text. Once displayed on your classroom projector or TV screen, you can read the text in a variety of ways: you read it, student read it silently, students volunteer to read a sentence aloud – you know what works best for your class.

Pull out specific days when it suits your social studies topics

As the full ‘A Week in NZ’s History” bundle covers 208 specific events, there is something for almost every important event that has taken place (and if you think we have missed something important – let me know!). If you are studying a particular event in New Zealand’s history, chances are it is also covered in this resource. For example, when exploring the invasion at Parikaha, you can look at ‘A Week in NZ’s History’ November Week One, to find our information about this important event.

Once a week inquiry/research time

Once a week, you could choose one event and work with your class to explore it further, using the inquiry prompt on the slide. You could model this process for your class, have them choose their own topic, or get them to work in small groups.

Use our discussion questions with your whole class or in small groups

Don’t make speeches the first time that your class is expected to talk in front of each other!  Oral language discussions develop vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and students reading comprehension (you can read more about this in our blog post here). There are many times throughout your day where you could stop for a focused discussion session – using our ‘A Week in NZ’s History’ resource as your prompt. It is a great chance to integrate oral language, reading comprehension, listening skills and the Aotearoa Histories curriculum.

If you have other ideas for how to use these resources, please get in touch and let us know!

A Week in NZ’s History Full Year Bundle

Our A Week in New Zealand History resource explores key moments within Aotearoa New Zealand’s historyThis resource serves as a bite-sized piece of Aotearoa’s history to stir discussion, pique interest, and get you started. 
Each monthly set contains Discussion Google Slides (and a PDF often) and posters with QR codes to explore 16 important NZ historical events. The resource has clear links to the Aotearoa New Zealand Histories Curriculum for Year 4-6 and Year 7-8.
Each slide contains a brief paragraph explainer, a discussion question, an inquiry prompt, and two “Dig Deeper” links to websites, videos, and photos. Click here to download this resource bundle now.

Aotearoa History Resources

We have a wide range of Aotearoa History resources that link closely to the new Aotearoa Histories Curriculum. Print and digital options are available, and we have activities for Year 1-Year 10. See our creative and comprehensive resources here.

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