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My Five Favourite Teaching Resources

I am excited to share this blog post and explain my top five teaching resources from our Top Teaching Tasks range! There is something in our top five teaching resources for everyone! So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are out top five!

NZ History Time Travel Adventure (Print and Digital) Year 3-Year 8

This NZ History Time Travel Adventures set was a huge project to undertake – lesson plans and follow-up activities for 54 School Journal articles and stories, but the results are worth it. I love the range of interesting aspects of New Zealand’s history that are covered and the flexibility in how this project could be run. You could easily use it as your full-time reading programme for up to two terms, or you could dip in and out of the resource throughout the year.

The recently added full digital version of this resource means that it is available whenever (and wherever) you need it and suits all kinds of classrooms.

I learned so much about Aotearoa New Zealand’s history through creating this resource, and I love knowing that this resource will help students to do the same!

Creative Thinking Activities Task Cards

Creative Thinking Activities

Our Creative Thinking Activity Task Cards set is definitely one of my favourite resources. Picture this – your students working collaboratively in groups, listening and sharing ideas, thinking creatively to solve problems, then sharing their results with the rest of the class! You could spend an afternoon using this activity, or pull it out when you have a spare 10 minutes that you need to fill. I’ve also used the scenarios as an explanation writing activity. We also have a digital version of this activity here.

Figurative Language Digital Task Cards

I really enjoy teaching figurative language because it is a way to take student writing from bland to fantastic! I’ve put together a range of interesting and interactive activities to help students learn and practice different forms of figurative language. The great thing about these activities is you can use them in many ways: whole-class teaching, small group teaching, sharing the activities out to your students via Google Classroom, and using them during distance learning. The best resource is something that is flexible – and this definitely is. See more here.

Back to School Collaborative Puzzle Poster

In the first week of school, it is great to have a go-to resource that brings your students together as a team and helps everyone to learn more about each other. An important bonus is this Back to School Collaborative Puzzle activity looks great on your wall and each student only needs to complete one puzzle piece.

As you can see from the photos above, the results are priceless! Get yours here.

Note-Taking and Summarising Step-By-Step Resource

I think we have all experienced students who think the idea of research is copying and pasting information from Wikipedia into their project. What students need are the skills to summarise what they read into their own words. This Note-Taking and Summarising resource has been designed to teach students to note take and summarise. It combines two methods to teach students to note take: The Cornell method and sketch-noting, or doodle notes. 

What I absolutely love about this resource is it is set out using the gradual release of responsibility model (I do, we do, you do).

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