Antonyms Task Cards | Semantic Task Cards


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This colourful set of 32 Antonym Tasks Cards helps students to understand the meanings of words and how words function in sentences. Print and laminate these antonyms task cards for regular use!
These semantics activities align with the Science of Reading (SoR) and are a practical addition to your structured literacy programme.
This set of 32 Antonym Tasks Cards features:
  • The first 12 task cards require students to choose the correct antonym for the underlined word.
  • The next 12 task cards involves selecting antonyms for three words.
  • The final 8 task cards involve completing the sentences by adding the correct antonym.
  • Student recording sheet
  • Answers
  • Antonym definition poster
Why Teach Antonyms and other aspects of Semantics?
The meanings of words and the relationships of words are referred to as semantics. A reader’s breadth and depth of vocabulary contribute to reading achievement.
  • As the primary goals of reading and writing are determining and communicating meaning, it is important for students to understand the meanings of words and how words function in sentences.
  • As the majority of words in English have multiple meanings or shades of meaning, it is necessary for the reader to be flexible in determining the author’s intended meaning of a word within a sentence.
  • Semantics is one of the six evidence-based components of structured literacy.
  • Semantics (language structures) is one of the strands of Scarborough’s Reading Rope, which looks at the elements that make a skilled reader.

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