Christmas Activities for the Classroom

Christmas Activities in the Classroom. This blog post looks at some fun and educational activities to bring the festive season alive in your classroom. Perfect for those in grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5. Christmas crafts

One thing you need to know about me is I love Christmas, so I have been looking forward to writing this Christmas Activities for the Classroom blog post for a long time!

Downunder, in New Zealand and Australia, celebrating Christmas in the classroom can be a fun way to end the school year, while in the Northern Hemisphere, it is a chance to take a quick break for something festive! I may have been the teacher with a mini Christmas tree in my room and Christmas lights decorating the white board! If you are similar, then I say, go for it! However, you don’t have to be obsessed with Christmas like me to bring some festive fun into your classroom.

What I like best about the following activities is they are great fun, interactive, and also academic. Some great learning will take place while the festive fun is had. Both US and British spellings are included in the following activities.

Christmas Activities for the Classroom

Christmas Secret Santa Collaborative Puzzle Poster

Celebrate Christmas and promote a classroom culture of encouragement with our Christmas Secret Santa Collaborative Puzzle. Students take part in a “Secret Santa” game to create a collaborative jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle serves as a visual reminder of the power of encouragement, while also reinforcing the ideas of teamwork and classroom unity. Display the amazing puzzle and wow your school!

The original Secret Santa activity is a fun game to play, but it is a lot of hard work to do in a classroom. You are asking parents to buy small gifts at a time of the year where money is at a premium, and then you have to deal with some children missing out or being disappointed by their gifts. A great idea can end up being a disaster.

In comparison, our Christmas Secret Santa Collaborative Puzzle focuses on the gift of encouragement. Each student (in secret) encourages another student and creates a puzzle piece that shares these kind words. As a class, you put together the Christmas Tree and gift puzzles and share who all the “Secret Santas'” were. The added bonus is you have a wonderful collaborative poster on your wall.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Poster

Christmas Reading Comprehension Scavenger Hunt Puzzle. Use this engaging resource to teach your upper elementary students about the festive celebration of Christmas, the history of Christmas trees, lights and cards, Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas, the North Pole, reindeer, and more! This fun reading comprehension activity includes 10 fact cards and nine puzzle pieces with a range of artistic and ELA activities. Brighten your classroom or bulletin board {Grade 3, 4, 5, Christmas activities}

In this activity, students hunt for clues in the fact cards to complete each of their puzzle pieces. This “hunting for facts” involves a range of reading comprehension strategies including finding specific information, summarising and organising information. The final product is a stunning Christmas tree. This activity works well with pairs, small groups, or individuals.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Poster

Celebrate the festive season this winter and improve reading comprehension with our Christmas Around the World interactive scavenger hunt puzzle. The completed puzzle posters will brighten your classroom walls or bulletin boards. Learn about the way Christmas is celebrated in the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal, Japan, Zimbabwe, Germany and Norway. Your grade 4 and grade 5 elementary students will enjoy this inclusive activity.

Similar to the puzzle above, this scavenger hunt and puzzle poster involves searching for facts about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. The final result is a delightful puzzle poster!

Christmas 3D Star Ornament

This fun art and writing activity will keep your students and classroom engaged at this busy time of the year. Get into the Christmas Season with this Christmas Craft.

If you are looking for a Christmas activity that is easy to differentiate, then this Christmas 3D Star Ornament is right up your alley. I have provided a range of templates that you can pick and choose from. Some students may use all nine, while others could still make the same star using only three. These look wonderful hanging in your classroom.

Christmas Literacy Activities Bundle

Christmas Activities BUNDLE English Language Arts Resources. Let us save you time this Christmas Season with our Christmas Collection: a bundle of fantastic Christmas-themed ELA Resources! Reading, Writing, Spelling, Creative Thinking, and Public Speaking skills are all covered for a discounted price! Just Print and Go! Keep your upper elementary grade 4 and grade 5 students engaged through the festive season.

This Christmas Literacy Activities bundle includes:

  • Reading Comprehension Passages and Activities
  • Christmas Spelling Activities
  • Christmas Speech Topic Task Cards
  • A set of Christmas Creative Thinking Scenario Cards (my personal favourite)
  • Christmas Print and Go activities
  • Christmas Writing Prompts

I am sure these activities will bring some Christmas fun to your classroom while keeping children focused and learning right up until Santa arrives.

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