PM Reader Activities Bundle – Yellow to Silver Levels (Level 6-24)


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Yellow PM Reader Activities Level 6, 7 and 8 | Junior Primary New Zealand

Blue PM Reader Activities Level 9, 10, and 11 | Junior Primary New Zealand

Green PM Reader Activities Level 12, 13, and 14 | Junior Primary New Zealand

Orange PM Reader Activities Level 15 and 16 | Junior Primary New Zealand

Turquoise PM Reader Activities Level 17 and 18 | New Zealand Reading Activities

Purple PM Reader Activities Level 19 and 20 | Year 3 and 4 New Zealand

Gold PM Reader Activities Level 21 and 22 | Year 3 and 4 New Zealand

Silver PM Reader Activities Level 21 and 22 | New Zealand Reading Activities


Save your time and know that your students are completing follow-up activities featuring a range of reading comprehension skills with our PM Readers Activities Bundle. This follow-up activities bundle provides follow-up activities for a range of current PM readers found in New Zealand schools. There is a total of 64 sets of follow-up activities in this bundle!

An engaging format is used to develop your students’ sense of agency and independence – perfect for your reading rotations.

These activities meet many of the requirements for the New Zealand Literacy Skills Progressions for Reading at the End of Year One-Year Four. These are skills that your students need!

***This resource is provided in A4 paper size and British spelling.***

In this PM Readers Activities Bundle you will receive:

  • Magenta and Red PM Reader Activities Level 1-5 | Junior Primary NZ
  • Yellow PM Reader Activities Level 6-8 | Junior Primary NZ
  • Blue PM Reader Activities 9-11 | Junior Primary NZ
  • Green PM Reader Activities 12-14 | Junior Primary NZ
  • Orange PM Reader Activities NZ
  • Turquoise PM Reader Activities NZ
  • Purple PM Reader Activities NZ
  • Gold PM Reader Activities NZ

Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, and Turquoise sets ALSO include high-frequency sight word flash cards.

Please note: To use this resource, you need to have access to the PM readers, found in New Zealand primary schools.

Answers have not been included.

PM Readers included in this bundle:

Yellow Level:

  • Max and the Little Plant
  • Max goes Fishing
  • Max rides his Bike
  • A Party for Brown Mouse
  • Kitty Cat Plays Inside
  • Katie’s Caterpillar
  • The Toytown Bus Helps Out
  • Jake and the Big Fish

Blue Level:

  • Tiny Owl and the Prickly Plant
  • Animal Bodies
  • Looking for Frogs
  • Magpie’s Baking Day
  • Little Bulldozer helps again
  • Honey for Baby Bear
  • The Lion and the Rabbit
  • Little Chimp and the Bees

Green Level:

  • The Clever Penguins
  • The Bears and the Magpie
  • Duckling Rescue!
  • Sally and Red Boy
  • The Sea Lion Pup
  • Try Again, Hannah
  • Pepper’s Adventure
  • Baby Bear’s Real Name

Orange Level:

  • The Blow-Away Kite
  • Saving Hoppo
  • That Goat Must Go!
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Sleeping At School!
  • The Troll Under the Bridge
  • The Careful Crocodile
  • The Dog Next Door

Turquoise Level:

  • Owen and the Football Jumper
  • Mai’s Bus Ride
  • Making a Toy Parachute
  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Animal Builders
  • What a Day!
  • Tricking the Tiger
  • Making a Mobile

Purple Level:

  • Nelson Gets a Fright
  • Star and Patches
  • A New Friend
  • A Spider in my Bedroom
  • The Halfway Party
  • Rex Plays Fetch
  • Emily’s Surprise
  • Making a Model Sports Stadium

Gold Level:

  • Clean Up Day
  • Arky, The Dinosaur with Feathers
  • River Rafting Fun
  • Guinea Pig Rescue
  • Mr Jacobi Helps Out
  • After the High Tide
  • The Cicada Concert
  • Bear’s Diet

Silver Level:

  • The Mysterious Time Capsule
  • All About Sharks
  • Olivia’s First Surf
  • Wolves
  • Our Brother Andy
  • Nelson is Kidnapped
  • Percy to the Rescue
  • Penguin Rescue

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