The Ultimate Teacher Survival Kit

The Ultimate Teacher Survival Kit 2

We have all heard the importance of teacher self-care, and what screams self-care more than an Ultimate Teacher Survival Kit!?

I asked my email subscribers what they would put in the Ultimate Teacher Survival Kit and they did not disappoint!

Perhaps you could make a teacher survival kit for a teacher who needs a pick me up? A kit would also be a great gift for a beginning teacher at the beginning, mid-point, or end of their PCT years!

The recommendations for this teacher survival kit comhine classroom must haves, treats for those days you just NEED them, and some self-care essentials.

The Ultimate Teacher Survival Kit

  • An awesome stamp either for WOW work – Watch students’ faces light up when they see a stamp with a bit of personality.
  • Hand sanitizer – Very important in these Covid times, and many other reasons in the classroom! 
  • A range of stickers – Stickers are very easy to find from stationery shops through to dollar stores. Is it even possible to have too many? I doubt it. 
  • Certificates – I am all about encouraging students and having a good stack of these available means you are ready to praise your students when you spot great behaviour, effort, or achievement.
  • A set of good quality whiteboard pens – I recommend hiding these! 
  • A set of good quality ballpoint pens – These always had a habit of disappearing from my desk. 
  • Magnetic tape – I am late to realising the potential of this, but magnetic tape is a genius invention and a handy tool. 
  • Laminating pouches – Self-explanatory!
  • Blue-tac – I can never find this when I need it, so this is a must-have. 
  • Sticky notes – Perfect when you need to quickly jot something down and you don’t want to lose it. These are also great for group brainstorming sessions. 
  • A packet of large paperclips – Keep your papers organised! 
  • Some whiteboard magnets – Very useful for holding up charts or posters on your whiteboard. 
  • Coffee – Say no more, say no more. 
  • Sneaky snacks for an afternoon pick me up. It wouldn’t be a teacher survival kit without this. 
  • A lanyard – From personal experience, it is a lot harder to lose your keys if they are hanging around your neck. 
  • Panadol and Ibuprofen – Sometimes you need to power through, so it’s great to have some pain relief on hand.
  • And of course… chocolate!

Onwards and upwards,

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