Phonics and Structured Literacy Activities Set Two: 9 Focus Sounds


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These activities have been created to specifically support the teaching and learning of nine target sounds and letters.
The sound and letters included in this set are the following single consonants or short vowel sounds: l, e, c, f, u, b, g, r, h
With initial modelling and scaffolding, these activities are intended to be completed independently to build students’ skills in following instructions, fine motor skills and stamina to complete tasks.
In this Phonics and Structured Literacy Activities pack, you receive
Nine sets of practice tasks: one for every focus sound.
Each set contains three practice tasks. These activities include:
  • Colour and Draw
  • Word Find,
  • Making Words with the Target Sound
  • Decode and Draw
  • Add the Letter and Draw
  • Match the Words
  • Listen and Write
  • Colour-Sound Match
  • I Spy
  • Handwriting Practice
  • Ending Sounds
Nine hands-on activities. These activities include:
  • Playdoh Letter Mats
  • Beginning Sound Bingo
  • Build and Write
  • Beginning Sound Clips
  • Spin and Cover
Click here to access the Phonics and Structured Literacy Activities Set One: 9 Focus Sounds.

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