PM Readers Activities Bundle Magenta to Purple Level 1-20


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Magenta Level 1 PM Reader Activities

Magenta Level 2 PM Reader Activities

Magenta/Red Level 2-3 PM Reader Activities

Red PM Reader Activities Level 3

Red PM Reader Activities Level 4 | Junior Primary New Zealand

Red Level 5 PM Readers and Red/Yellow 5-6 PM Readers Follow Up Activities

Yellow Level 6 PM Readers Follow Up Activities

Yellow Level 7 PM Readers Follow Up Activities

Yellow Level 8 PM Readers Follow Up Activities

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Turquoise/Purple Level 18-19 PM Readers Follow Up Activities | Big Machines PM

Purple Level 19 PM Readers Follow Up Activities

Purple Level 20 PM Readers Follow Up Activities


Save your time and know that your students are completing follow-up activities featuring a range of reading comprehension skills with our PM Readers Activities Bundle. This follow-up activities bundle provides follow-up activities for a range of current PM readers found in New Zealand and Australian schools. Over 150 PM readers are covered in this mega bundle. Save 25%!
An engaging format is used to develop your students’ sense of agency and independence – perfect for your reading rotations.
These activities meet many of the requirements for the New Zealand Literacy Skills Progressions for Reading at the End of Year One-Year Four. These are skills that your students need!
In this PM Readers Activities Bundle you will receive:
Magenta, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, and Turquoise sets ALSO include high-frequency sight word flash cards.
Please note: To use this resource, you need to have access to the PM readers, found in New Zealand and Australian primary schools.
Answers have not been included.
PM Readers included in this bundle:
Magenta Level:
  • I Am Running
  • Baby
  • In The Garden
  • The Play
  • In Our Classroom
  • Up In The Sky
  • Going on Holiday
  • Look At The House
  • Balloons
  • Making A Rabbit
  • Making a Dinosaur
  • At The Toyshop
  • My Family
  • Pop’s Shed
  • My Friend
  • Big Things
  • My Clothes
  • My Little Cat
  • Big and Little
  • Big Sea Animals
  • My Sandcastle
  • Going Out
  • Playing Outside
  • Party Hats
  • The Parade
  • Up and Down
  • On and Off
  • Round and Round
  • Mums and Dads
  • The Go-Carts
  • In The Trolley
  • The Skier
Magenta/Red Level:
  • The Big Hole
  • The Boat Ride
  • Dad’s Ship
  • Hello, Bingo!
  • Matthew and Emma
  • Bubbles in the Sky
  • The Sun and the Moon
  • Stop!
  • The Tree Horse
  • Fishing
Red Level:
  • Sam and Bingo
  • Jack and Billy
  • Sam’s Balloon
  • Baby Wakes Up
  • Teddy Bears’ Picnic
  • Sally’s Snowman
  • Raccoon Wakes Up
  • A Birthday Cake for Ben
  • My Book
  • Little Chimp and Big Chimp
  • Jack’s Birthday
  • Bedtime
  • The Lucky Dip
  • Let’s Pretend
  • Red Puppy
  • Jake’s Car
  • Lily’s Play House
  • Sally and the Daisy
  • Pussy and the Birds
  • The Flower Girl
  • The Baby Owls
  • Balloons Go Pop!
  • Kitty Cat and the Birds
  • The Hungry Squirrel
  • Kitty Cat and the Fish
  • Run, Rabbit, Run!
  • Billy is Hiding
  • The Toytown Helicopter
  • The Toytown Rescue
Red/Yellow Level:
  • Sam’s Picnic
  • Little Chimp is Brave
  • Ben’s Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Presents for Jack and Billy
  • Father Bear Goes Fishing
  • A Friend for Little Bird
  • Time to Play
  • Playing with Dough
  • Where is it Safe to Play?
  • Making a Cat and Mouse
  • Eggs for Breakfast
Yellow Level:
  • The Toytown Fire Engine
  • Little Chimp Runs Away
  • Billy Can Count
  • Clever Fox
  • Sam and the Waves
  • Speedy Bee
  • The Big Hit
  • Ella and the Toy Rabbit
  • Jolly Roger and the Treasure
  • A Crocodile and a Whale
  • Dilly Duck and Dally Duck
  • Mother’s Day
  • Sam goes to School
  • Baby Bear Goes Fishing
  • Flowers for Grandma
  • Kitty Cat Runs up a Tree
  • Jolly Roger and the Coconuts
  • Pokey Is Sick
  • Mother Bear’s Scarf
  • Seagull is Clever
  • Look Out for Bingo
  • Roar like a Tiger
  • Jumbo
  • The Little White Hen
Yellow/Blue Level:
  • My Little Sister
  • My Gran and Grandad
  • My Big Brother
  • Anna’s Family
  • Cam’s Family
  • It is Raining
  • The Sun, the Wind and the Rain
  • Hot Sunny Days
Blue Level:
  • The Duck with the Broken Wing
  • The Fire on Toytown Hill
  • Brown Mouse Plays a Trick
  • Billy at School
  • Kitty Cat and the Paint
  • Bingo Goes to School
  • Magpie’s Baking Day
  • Tiny Owl and the Prickly Plant
  • Sam’s Painting
  • Tabby in the Tree
  • The Best Cake
  • Baby Bear’s Hiding Place
  • Brown Mouse Gets Some Corn
  • The House in the Tree
  • Little Chimp and Baby Chimp
  • Lost Socks
  • Jolly Roger and the Turtles
  • The Toytown Racing Car
  • Tom’s Ride
  • The Best Hats
  • Down by the Sea
  • Mother Tiger and her Cubs
Green Level:
  • Snow on the Hill
  • The Picnic Boat
  • The Jungle Frogs
  • The Donkey in the Lion’s Skin
  • Look in the Garden
  • The Rescue
  • Jordan’s Football
  • The Flying Fish
  • The Clever Penguins
  • Snowball, the White Mouse
  • A Friend for Max
  • The Bears and the Magpie
  • Three Little Mice in Trouble
  • Lollipop, the Old Car
  • Candle-Light
  • Coco’s Bell
  • The Crow and the Pot
  • Classroom Caterpillars
  • Popcorn Fun
  • Locked In
  • Little Chimp and the Termites
  • Father Bear’s Surprise
  • Ten Little Garden Snails
  • Ben’s Tooth
  • Jolly Roger and the Clever Green Parrot
  • The Fawn in the Forest
  • Pepper’s Adventure
  • Teasing Mum
  • The Skipping Rope
  • Try Again, Hannah
  • Katie’s Butterfly
  • The Hospital Party
  • Baby Bear’s Real Name
  • The Nest on the Beach
  • The Cross-Country Race
  • Red Squirrel’s Adventure
Orange Level:
  • Jack and Chug
  • In the Day of the Dinosaurs – Pterosaur’s Long Flight
  • Sarah and the Barking Dog
  • The Biggest Fish
  • In the Days of the Dinosaurs – The Dinosaur Chase
  • The Little Work Plane
  • Cats
  • The Toy Farm
  • The Ant and the Dove
  • A Bike for Alex
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Dogs
  • Chicken-Licken
  • The Three Little Pigs
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • In the Days of the Dinosaurs: The Careful Crocodile
  • Jessica in the Dark
  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • Two Little Goldfish
  • In the Days of the Dinosaurs: Lost in the Forest
  • Mitch to the Rescue
  • Rebecca and the Concert
  • The Youngest Giraffe
  • The Work Helicopter
  • The Mice have a Meeting
  • The Busy Beavers
  • Budgies
  • Jordan at the Big Game
  • The Little Red Hen
  • Mice
Turquoise Level:
  • Ant City
  • The Nesting Place
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker
  • Jordan’s Lucky Day
  • The Seat Belt Song
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Hailstorm
  • The Jets and the Rockets
  • Danger in the Car Park
  • Puppy at the Door
  • The Mouse-Deer and the Crocodiles
  • Gibbon Island
Turquoise/Purple Level:
  • Big Machines On Rails
  • Big Machines In The Air
  • Big Machines For Fun and Sport
  • Big Machines On The Road
  • Big Machines At Sea
  • Big Machines In Emergencies
Purple Level:
  • A Troop of Little Dinosaurs
  • The Hare and the Tortoise
  • A New School for Megan
  • The Roller Blade Run
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • A Dog Called Bear
  • Sly Fox and Little Red Hen
  • A Spider in My Bedroom
  • The Chocolate Cake
  • Rally Car Race
  • A Bike for Brad
  • The Animal Band
  • Town Mouse and Country Mouse
  • Muffin is Trapped
  • Puss in Boots
  • Gorgo Meets Her Match
  • Toby at Stony Bay
  • The Running Shoes
  • Diving at the Pool
  • The Giant Seeds